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Tatanka Workshops

Due to privacy issues, we no longer list the names of contributors. If you desire a phone references, please contact us.


    "I heard very positive feedback from both teachers and students. The kids just loved it and had so much fun. We totally want Victor back next year."

-        CM - AB First Nation School



“This is one of the most effective workshops I have seen. Victor was flexible in accommodating the topics needed to be addressed for our workshops and worked well with our community presenters. I highly recommend Tatanka Workshops and am looking at other opportunities to have them in our community again.”

-         PS - AB First Nation


“I spoke with the Grade 6, 7 and 8 teachers who all agreed that the presentation was very worthwhile and age appropriate. The content was coming across and the kids had a good time with it. I would absolutely be recommending them to any one and would like to have them back again.”

-          Principal R.


 “The youth really enjoyed it and we really want the presentation back. During the workshops the trust really developed between the presenters and the youth which helped with their interaction. It is not very often that the youth respond so well. It was really good to see that.”

-          VC - AB First Nation


 “The youth really enjoyed themselves and there was a lot of laughter. The skits were great and really made me think of when I was young. I was pretty impressed with the healing presented. There were a lot of things there that I never expected. From what I saw the youth were right into it. The participating and sharing of opinions was well received. Youth that I never have seen participating were getting involved. Youth saw that they could have fun without alcohol.”

-          RM – Northern AB First Nation


 “Whenever we bring in the workshops the youth look forward to the team coming. The content is always different and something they look forward to. This last time the Film School was a big hit with each student getting their own DVD and many really liked the jerky making and of course tasting.”

-          LA - Brighter Futures, SK 


"What struck me the most was that the workshops were fun and that captivated the audience. By involving the youth it helped the others pay attention since they were seeing their friends on stage having fun. The information given was accurate but just as importantly, it was presented in a powerful way. Victor personalized the content. It was hip and it hit home.”

-          LG – MB First Nation

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